Trout Fishing in Texas | Great Catch and Awesome Cook

by Dalvin
Rainbow Trout in Texas

It’s that time of year again. Rainbow trout fishing in Texas has begun. It is the one time of year I look forward to keeping my limit and you should too!

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department started this program years ago. Neighborhood ponds, lakes, and rivers get some special visitors from fish hatcheries across the state. Those who pursue them get to experience the aerial shows of rainbow trout. In addition, fishermen of all skill levels have the opportunity to test their craft.

Trout Fishing in Texas is Fun for All Skill Levels

Flyfisherman can tie on a wooly bugger or a prince nymph and wade in the beautiful rivers of Texas. Meanwhile, families and young children can drive to a local park, put some corn on a size six hook, and quickly leave with a limit and a dinner worthy of kings!

Texas Trout Fishing Means Catch and KEEP!

Conservation efforts have been great across the state for largemouth bass. It is why Texas is one of the most traveled fishing destinations for the species. Nevertheless, trout will not survive the summer heat in most stocking locations, which means you should keep your limit.

Consider this as well, trout are one of the best-tasting freshwater fish around. They are easy to clean and cook.

Trout Are Healthy

Rainbow trout are one of the healthiest fish you can eat! They are packed with:

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Protein
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Niacin

If you are concerned about mercury levels, you can be confident eating Texas rainbow trout. Trout in Texas are well managed by TPWD and low in mercury.

Check out this post to learn some of our favorite recipes!

Find Stocking Dates on Your Local Waters

Convinced yet? If you are, click here and discover the locations and the dates of a trout stocking near you.

One Last Trout Catching Cast

Take advantage of the opportunity this winter while it lasts. Get out there and catch some trout action then enjoy the savory delights on your table! It’s up to you: rainbow trout and veggies, hush puppies, or, my favorite, a baked sweet potato. What’s your favorite? It’s tight lines and fin time! We hope to see you out on the water looking for thePerfectCombo Fishing!

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