Lake Waxahachie Has Big Bass: It’s Lurking Just Outside DFW

by Dalvin
Lake Waxahachie Just South of DFW

Lake Waxahachie Tips | Texas Lakes

There are a few little DFW fishing gems out there.  Perfect places to fish just outside the big city lights.  Lake Waxahachie is one of our favorites.

While bank fishing opportunities are limited, there are some monster Largemouth Bass to be caught.

Legend has it that about 10 years ago TPWD sent a shock team to the lake.  They did this, following years of reports about an overpopulated bass population with very few ‘over’ (legal to keep longer than 14″) fish in the lake.  One of the individuals associated with the tournament met the TPWD warden at the ramp and asked about what he found.  All he would say is,

Your problem is NOT that there are no big fish.

TPWD Official

Highly Pressured & Big Bass

Lake Waxahachie can be a heavily pressured lake.  There are weekly tournaments on Thursdays throughout daylight savings time.  The catches from these tournaments can be substantial. Most days when you drive up there will be a number of bank fishermen as well.

In spite of this, big fish after big fish has been caught from Lake Waxahachie. We have had multiple fish over 5 pounds with our largest being a 7 pound 11-ounce bruiser from the bank.  9 pounders and even a few 10s have been seen at tournaments and with crappie fishermen on minnows from the bank.

Fast Moving Baits Produce Big Bites

The exciting thing is, the biggest fish for us have consistently come on moving baits.  Our biggest bass have been caught on DT-4 crankbaits with chartreuse in them from the bank.  While soft plastics can yield high numbers of under fish,  crankbait bass are consistently over 14 inches.

Fish ‘Creatively’

DT-4 Largemouth Bass on Lake Waxahachie in TexasWhen it comes to moving baits on this lake, the key is to fish whatever you tie on differently.  Lures on small heavily pressured lakes like this one, often remain the same.  The reason they work is they match the forage.  So a crankbait that matches the shad in the lake will catch fish even if they see it many times.  You just have to work a little harder.

The notion that bass aren’t going to bite if they have been caught on a lure is simply false.  A logical consequence of the argument is that any bass caught on live bait would never eat again.  Now, that bass may be more cautious, but a fish is going to eat because it has to.

The key to catching bass on these bodies of water is changing things up.  The change can be as subtle as a slight variation in color, a different sound, the lack of sound, or a different retrieve.

A Lake Waxahachie Pattern that Paid-Off

One Thursday night tournament, I showed up and started fishing on the dam. I caught one keeper on a DT-14. As a result, I thought I could repeat the catch. The temptation to stay was strong and I ended up with only 30 minutes left on the clock and one fish in a three fish tourney.

I sped to fish the docks on the north side of the lake. Right as I pulled up, two other guys in the tournament in a brand new Skeeter pulled directly in front of me (maybe they thought I was just out for fun).  Not like the next dock but 20 feet in front of me.  They were throwing jigs under docks. By the time they were finished, the docks I was fishing were saturated with lures.

Target the Not-so-obvious

Rather than feel defeated, it hit me. That’s what everyone has been doing.  I began to break down every foot between the docks.  Every cast I made ten feet out from the right side (shady side) of the dock landed one of those 13 and 3/4″ largemouth.  Twenty minutes and 10 fish later, it was the best true pattern I have ever been on.  While only one fish was added to the live well, these catches were possible and this pattern was this tight only because of the immense pressure on the docks.

It’s these kinds of subtle decisions that can make all the difference in highly-pressured waters.

The most important decision you can make is not to get discouraged by fishing pressure.


While it makes things tougher, the fishermen are all coming out for a reason.  Highly pressured waters are often opportunities to catch high numbers or some really big fish.

Top 3 Baits on Lake Waxahachie

Through the years, we have found 3 baits that reign supreme as our go-to bass finding lures.  Full disclosure: We love crankbaits! It doesn’t matter where we are fishing, they have produced some of our largest bass to date.  This is no different at Lake Waxahachie.

Below are our lure choices in order of preference.  This order is based mainly on the size bass we catch with each and the enjoyment of the technique.  It is usually the way we breakdown a visit to Lake Waxahachie as well.

#1 – Crankbait

Color = Any Chartreuse
The key to cranking at Waxahachie is using a Rapala DT Series Crankbait with some chartreuse in it.  Then really adjust the retrieve.  Don’t get caught in a cast and reel for nothing pattern.  If you aren’t bouncing off the structure, create movement yourself.  If the fish are there, they will come and get it.  Crankbaits are #1 for their consistency and the size of fish they produce.

#2 – Berkley Choppo

Berkley Choppo Largemouth on Lake WaxahachieAny Color
Who doesn’t love a topwater bite?

Over the last year, the Berkley Choppo has become one of our favorite go-to baits on Lake Waxahachie.  It produces keepers overs 90% of the time.  While we have yet to catch a bass over 4 pounds on the Choppo. It’s just a matter of time.  If it was a little more consistent, it would give the crankbait a run for its money.

We use a firetiger and a shad pattern. Just about any color would work.  As a matter of fact, writing this I am reminded of a black Strike King mini-buzzbait that started slaying the little ones a few years back.  Maybe it’s time to try the Choppo in black?  Yep, that’s going down! We will update this blog after we do.

#3 – Grande Bass: Baby Rattlesnake

(1) Ssabednarg (2) Blue Fleck

Using the Grande Bass almost always produces fish.  I’m not sure if it’s the garlic scent or the color but the combination is deadly for smaller Lake Waxahachie bass.  We prefer weightless or Texas-rigged.  At times we have had success pegging the sinker a few inches about the hook. Grande Bass in Ssabednarg is the closest thing to a guarantee we have found, we just have not pushed a fish past the 3-pound mark with it.  That is why, despite the numbers, it sits at #3.

#4 – Zoom 4 inch Ring Fry

Chartreuse Pepper

As I was looking back over my fishing notes, I rediscovered this.  That list of 3 lures is now 4!

Zooms ring fry has produced numbers for me on Carolina Rig and fished weightless around docks.  When I fished from a boat more it was my go-to lure for numbers.  The Zoom ring fry came through with fish on rare no fish days and got the skunk out of the boat.

The downside is, it has never produced a keeper at Lake Waxahachie therefore it stays in fourth place.

Reduce Your Line Size

Lake Waxahachie 7 lb 11 oz Largemouth BassThe pressure on bass at Lake Waxahachie means line size can make or break your trip.  This is important on soft plastics and especially crankbaits.
I have cranked using a 14-pound test catching only small ones. Switched to a combo with 10-pound test fluorocarbon and immediately hooked a 3 pounder.

All of our largest fish at Lake Waxahachie were caught on 10-pound Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon.

It’s Time to Get Out of the Big City | Visit Lake Waxahachie Today

We have come to love Lake Waxahachie since first fishing it in 2003. She has days where the numbers of bass are insane. She has days when the numbers on the scale will keep you coming back.  It’s that hope of the big bite that keeps us coming back and makes the drive worth every minute.

Thanks for reading. Let us know about your bass fishing on Waxahachie and the tactics and techniques you rely on. We will update this post as we continue to learn as well.

Now it’s tight lines and fin time. We hope this Lake Waxahachie information helps and that you find ThePerfectCombo for some giant bass!

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