Squarebill & Lipless Crankbaits | The Best Lure Combo for Submerged Grass

by Dalvin
Square bill crankbait lands a 6 pound largemouth bass

Squarebill & Lipless Crankbaits are the perfect combinations to experience a virtual bass-feeding frenzy in submerged grass.

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The Squarebill Crankbait

The squarebill crankbait is one of our favorite lures for late summer and early fall bass. It is a great search bait but can also be fished slowly above grass or rip rap. If you unlock the right color combination, it can generate numbers of bass like no other bait. Nevertheless, the squarebill can be difficult to fish cleanly when the submerged grass nears the surface in late summer.

The Lipless Crankbait | Search and Follow-up

By adding a lipless crankbait, a.k.a. rattletrap, to the deck you can maximize your fish-catching potential. When you bring in a grass-filled squarebill, it is the perfect time for a partner or for you to throw a lipless. There are two techniques we love: (1) Burn it (2) Tick and rip.

Burn it with the Lipless Crankbait

This technique is just what it sounds like. Throw out the lipless and start cranking the moment, or even before, it hits the water. Before using this technique very much, I was concerned I would pull the lure away from bass. Over time I have learned, it is very difficult to escape a feeding bass. When burning the bait it is sometimes important to keep it just below the surface. At other times, the only bites you will get are just above the grass. If you know bass are present, vary the two techniques until you get bites.

Tick and Rip with the Lipless Crankbait

Doubled up on the Strikeking Squarebill & Livingston Lipless
Doubled Up | Squarebill & Lipless

This option can be deadly. During your retrieve you want to come into contact with the grass, then snap the rod tip to free the lure and mimic fleeing, darting prey. It’s important to use a rod that is stout enough to pull the fish out of the grass but with a soft enough tip not to rip treble hooks from the fish’s mouth.

Fishing the Squarebill & Lipless as thePerfectCombo for Bass in Grass

If we are fishing a lake and discover a stretch with submerged grass, Squarebill & Lipless Crankbaits are ALWAYS our first and preferred technique. It is important to position your boat in a way not to disturb the edges. Some days the bass will be feeding on the inside or outside line. To ensure you don’t spook finicky-bass, start with the squarebill fished along the outside edge of the grass or vegetation. Initially, paralleling the outside line is your best bet. If you have a partner, they can begin casting and burning the lipless deeper in the vegetation to determine the depth of the grass and whether the bass are feeding in and up.

When fishing the squarebill, you may often bury in the grass. This is the critical time to notify your partner to fish through this area. A grass-covered squarebill can be a good sign if you are ready to follow quickly with a lipless crankbait. When arriving at flats, keep the rod tip high and ‘finesse’ fish the squarebill through the thick stuff. Again, this is a fantastic way to load the boat. In the video below we use this technique to pefection.

Squarebill & Lipless Crankbaits | Colors

Livingston Pro Ripper
Strike King Squarebill

For late summer through most of the fall, we like shad patterns. The Strike King Squarebill Crankbait in Sexy Shad and the Livingston Lures Pro Ripper in Bleeding Tennessee Shad are our favorites. We caught well over 50 fish on these two lures and had our best bass fishing day ever. As water temps cool in late fall, we will consider crawfish colors and patterns (browns and reds).

If you can’t decide, use a shad pattern on the squarebill and a crawfish pattern on the lipless or vice versa. Let the fish tell you which color they prefer and then match their vote.

One Last Cast on Squarebill & Lipless Crankbaits in Grass

As you can see, this combo can absolutely wear out the fish and your thumb. Additionally, outside of the sheer numbers of bass you can catch, we love this technique because it allows us to fish fast. These two lures allow you to cover lots of water and then niche down when you find a location loaded with fish. We are itching to get out there and try it again.

These two lures are truly thePerfectCombo Fishing for us in submerged grass. I hope these tips help you find large numbers of bass as well! As always, tight lines and fin time. Hopefully, we will get to see you out there searching for thePerfectCombo fishing.

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