Targeting White Bass and Wipers Tips for Success

White bass and their hybrid counterparts, wipers (hybrid striped bass), are excellent sportfish that put up a great fight and are delicious table fare. These schooling fish can be targeted effectively with crankbaits, spoons, or jigs fished along drop-offs and points.

Prime Lures and Locations

  • Look for areas where shad or baitfish are present, as white bass and wipers will be actively feeding on them. Watch for surface activity like birds diving or fish busting shad.
  • Crankbaits that mimic shad like Rapala Shad Raps or Berkley Flicker Shads are very effective when trolled or cast along drops and points. Lipless crankbaits like Rat-L-Traps also work well.
  • Vertical jigging with spoons like flutter spoons, jigging spoons, or blade baits is deadly when fish are suspended over depths of 20-45 feet. Use 3/4 to 1 oz sizes.
  • Swimbaits rigged on jigheads from 1/4 to 1 oz are another excellent option for casting and retrieving along drops and points.
  • In summer when fish are deeper, downrig crankbaits or use Carolina rigs with live bait to get lures down to the fish.

Best Times to Target Them

The best time of day to catch white bass and wipers is early morning and late evening. During these low-light periods, they actively chase and feed on baitfish like shad near the surface. Look for surface activity like boils and busting baitfish to locate them.

Trolling Crankbaits: A Top Technique

Based on the provided information, one of the best techniques is trolling or casting crankbaits that mimic shad or baitfish. This is especially productive from April through October when white bass and wiper numbers peak.

Longer Rods for Longer Casts

To maximize casting distance and reach white bass and wiper schools that are often located far from shore, the recommended setup is a longer spinning rod of 9 feet or more. Pair this with a quality reel spooled with a braided line to cut through the wind and make that long bomb casts. White bass and wipers are a blast to catch on light tackle. By targeting them with the right lures and locations during prime feeding times, anglers can experience some incredibly fun and rewarding fishing action for these hard-fighting and tasty sportfish.

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