How to Put Line on a Spinning Reel the Right Way

by Dalvin
How to put line on a spinning reel

The right way to put line on a spinning reel is:

Spider-wire Stealth tied with a blood-knot to Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon. 🔥   

Line strengths vary based on technique.

Conversations about how to spool fishing line on your spinning reel are many and varied. However, we assure you, if they don’t follow this setup, they are simply wrong! 💯 😜

For years fishing on a spinning reel had held frustration. It was never long before line memory created problems with twist and line curl. Undoubtedly, there were times it was a user error. Nevertheless, it usually just came with the territory of using spinning gear. It is unbelievably frustrating to spool line on a spinning reel only to have it twist into an unfixable mess. In the end, your spinning rod ends up limiting your fishing capability and wasting space on your deck.

In 2003, I fished a straight-tailed worm on a shaky head using Spiderwire Stealth tied to a leader of Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon. It was amazing! As a result, for the last 20 years, I have never seen a good reason to spool my line any other way.

Here are some reasons why:

Spider-wire Stealth Has No Memory

I remember so well, reel a little…line twist…flip…reel a little…line twist…flip. The process would continue and yet, still, over-runs and line twists on the reel could be a problem. Monofilament and especially Fluorocarbon have a hard time forgetting the past. They remember where they were, what they were on, and how they were spooled. Make no mistake, they want to go back to the past!

Spider-wire Stealth has no memory. There is no reel…flip…twist…anything. Just tie on the braid and start spooling. Just stick a pencil through the center of the line spool, keep a little tension with your thumb and forefinger, and reel it on.

This line forgets where it was, what it was on, and how it was on there. It will lay cleanly and smoothly on your reel for months. Cast it…guess what? It forgets you weren’t there and how you neglected it. Reel it back in and it sits there with no twist and no bad memories. Cleanly awaiting your next cast.

Put Line on Spinning Reels using Spider-wire Stealth and Improve Castability

Not only does the line prove easier to cast, but as a result, it will also increase your casting distance. This serves two purposes:

  1. A longer cast means more fish can see your lure.
  2. The ease of casting increases your accuracy at any distance.

This is the Right Way to Put Line on Because it Increases Sensitivity

Spider Wire Stealth doesn’t have stretch. This means you are going to feel the structure better and will be able to determine what type of bottom you are fishing. With a little practice, you will gain a feel for grass, shells, pea-gravel, and mud. Finding points of transition between these in different seasons can determine whether you will catch 20 or nothing.

Another benefit of increased sensitivity is feeling subtle strikes. Often when you are fishing a spinning reel, you are downsizing and the strikes can be more like a bass gently tasting your lure. Even these subtle touches will be transmitted to you through braided-line.

The Lack of Stretch Makes a Sharp Point Penetrate

Spinning gear and light hooks can make it difficult to get a good hookset. The bone-jarring jig hookset will result in a broken line and a lost fish with light mono or fluorocarbon. However, Spiderwire Stealth paired with a short leader of Fluorocarbon has greatly increased our hook-up ratio.

The key to this is setting your drag a little lighter than you normally would. If you need to tighten down after the hookset you can always adjust. Simply lift the rod tip or take a step back. The lack of stretch will help the hook penetrate the bass’s mouth and ensure you land them.

Berkley Vanish Does Just That – Vanish – Fish Don’t See It

One of the challenges of braided lines is their visibility. The perfect combo for SpiderWire Stealth is Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon. The two work together amazingly well. I use a blood knot to tie them together. Over the last 20 years, I can count on one hand the number of times the knot has failed. When I pair other lines with a blood knot I have more breakage at the knot. For whatever reason, these two lines pair wonderfully together and maintain line strength and integrity very well.

My favorite combos of these two truly super lines:

  • 20-pound Spiderwire Stealth to 10 pound Berkley Vanish
  • 15-pound Spiderwire Stealth to 8 pound Berkley Vanish
  • 12-pound Spiderwire Stealth to 6 pound Berkley Vanish

Now if you want to have a blast on ultralight chasing panfish. My perfect combo is:

8-pound Spiderwire Stealth to 4 pound Berkley Vanish

Just be ready to work that drag if you full a four-pound largemouth or, in my case, a 6-pound wiper into biting. You can land them, but you will be talking about the story around campfires for years to come.

Putting line on Spinning Reel – One Last Cast

If you start using Spiderwire Stealth with Vanish Fluorocarbon we are confident, you will never go back to anything else on a spinning rod. There are other considerations when using a spinning reel. I was going to write a few more but this Saltstrong article addresses them all and adds a few great tips I can’t wait to try as well. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed. SaltStrong – Fishing Wind Knots.

There you have it. You are ready to go experience fishing a spinning reel worry and mess-free. We would love to hear how it goes. Leave a comment or tell us about it out on the water. We hope to see you one day searching for thePerfectCombo.

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