Common Carp Fishing | Here’s How to Make the Best Homemade Chum

by Dalvin
Giant Carp on Homemade Chum

Common carp homemade chum

  • Oatmeal
  • Water to Soften (let it sit)
  • Cream corn
  • Thicken

If you need to, you can add more oats to thicken the mixture. You want a consistency thick enough that you can make a little ball that will stay on a hook. This simple combination, paired with a tiny treble hook produced Walker’s biggest fish to date! In addition, it also made for an amazing creek adventure.

Why Pursue Carp?

Common Carp Scales
Scale Patterns of the Common Carp

Fishing for the common carp is something that many in the states consider, “less than”. Carp are slimy and not great to eat. However, they put up an amazing fight! Admittedly, they have a face only a mother could love but their scales and colors are beautiful to see.

For years, I would never intentionally pursue carp. Then, I became a dad. 😁 My son and I hatched this plan to catch his weight in pounds. While we still hope to do that with a bass 🤞, a natural pursuit to accomplish this feat was to pursue the common carp.

“Chasing” Big Carp From a Bridge

Our first attempt was born from our favorite bridge. 20 feet above the water we had pursued sunfish of multiple species, catfish, and bass. One day we saw what appeared to be the biggest fish to date. They were carp. Four or five between 5 and 10 pounds. I think we both immediately started salivating at the thought of landing one of them from the bridge.

We went home and searched online for a net we could lower to land them. The pier net we found was one of the best investments we have made in fishing. Following this, we then researched the best chum for catching carp and this recipe is now our “go-to” when we want an epic fight. If the fish aren’t coming, you can toss a little chum into the water to activate the bite. It is FANTASTIC!

We captured the trip that followed on video and it is, arguably, my favorite father and son moment. The chum first attracted a squirrel and then after a while, coaxed the biggest carp in the creek to take the hook.

After an amazing fight and crazy attempts to get the fish in the net, Walker saw the planning and hard work come together for one of his favorite catches ever. You can watch the video below and see how we mixed the chum:

Catching His Age in Pounds – A Giant Common Carp

While this adventure was tough to beat we still needed that double-digit fish. Walker at 10 years old, needed a 10-pounder. We planned a camping trip and some night fishing at Purtis Creek State Park. They have a well-lit dock and excellent facilities.

That night we chummed and sat and waited. Again, the mixture of oats, water, and cream corn paid off. Late into the night, the line took off and Walker reeled in a mighty 13-pound carp. He named it Detroit as we watched her swim off into the night. Of course, this was after he hugged her tight so our tent smelled like fish all night.

One Last Cast in Pursuit of the Common Carp

We hope to have the chance to pursue some true giants in the future. That trip will be at Walter E. Long east of Austin. It is not unusual to see 40+ pound carp at this small reservoir. The common carp is a great way to test your multi-species skill set and catch your biggest fish ever. Google carp fishing near me. Though there aren’t a ton of carp fishermen, the ones who are out there are dedicated to the craft and willing to help.

Until next time, we hope to see you out on the water chumming up a giant fish. Who knew oatmeal and corn would be thePerfectCombo fishing for your weight in pounds?!

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