Berkley Gulp | 5 Reasons it’s Great for the Beginner Angler

by Dalvin
Berkley Gulp Catches Fish for Beginners
  1. Berkley Gulp Means No Mess and No Fuss.
  2. Its Scents Make Catching Fish Easier.
  3. Sunfish Love Gulp!
  4. It Stays on The Hook Well.
  5. Gulp Has BIG Fish Potential!

1. Berkley Gulp Means No Mess and No Fuss.

Berkley Gulp is easier to store than worms. While worms are fun for some little boys, they can make a big mess and a big stink. There is nothing like hearing a loud “ewww” from the kitchen and finding out you left worms in the refrigerator two months ago! Not that this has happened to me!

Worms have storage issues and a definite shelf-life. Berkley Gulp, if sealed properly, will last for months.

Worms are alive. Gulp smells like it’s alive.

This brings us to number 2:

2. Its Scents Make Catching Fish Easier.

For beginners, knowing when to set the hook can be very difficult.

Gulp makes this easier than using artificial lures. Often, fish hit an artificial lure and refuse to strike again. In addition, they won’t hold the bait as long because it doesn’t taste natural. With Berkely Gulp, fish bite and don’t let go.

Surprisingly, although we haven’t done a scientific study, we believe fish won’t typically take Gulp as deep as live bait like worms, maggots, or crickets. This means better live release rates!

3. Sunfish Love Gulp!

For beginners, getting them on fish and successfully landing them is huge. This makes Berkley Gulp and sunfish the perfect combo!

We have caught hundreds if not thousands of sunfish on Gulp. Our two favorite products are maggots (in pink) and worms.

The variety and beauty of sunfish are often taken for granted. You can catch Longear Sunfish, Redear Sunfish, Bluegill, Green Sunfish, Red-breasted Sunfish, and the list goes on. For beginners, multi-species can be another great way to keep them engaged and get them hooked on fishing.

4. Berkley Gulp Stays on The Hook Well.

One of the best advantages of Gulp is its anti-theft rating. I remember my granddad talking about ‘those little thieves’ (sunfish & catfish) who would always steal the worm off the hook. This happens much less often with Berkley Gulp products.

They stay on the hook so well, we actually caught 10 sunfish off one Berkley Gulp worm.

5. It Has BIG Fish Potential!

Admittedly, Berkley Gulp isn’t the go to bait for catfish or bass. That is not to say you won’t catch a couple of each while fishing for sunfish.

On most of our trips we catch a few small bass and catfish. Sometimes you will see bigger ones as well. We caught these two nice channel catfish on back to back casts while fishing a Berkley Gulp Maggot in pink. It was a great surprise and a lot of fun on light tackle.

One Last Cast

For over three years, Gulp products have been a staple of our fishing. When we have days where we just want to relax and know we will catch fish, Gulp is like that old friend you can rely on.

If you are taking a beginner, or just want to increase the odds you will feel a tug on the end of your line. Grab a bottle of Berkley Gulp and find some water.

As always, tight lines and fin time. We hope to see you out there on the bank or the water as we all pursue thePerfectCombo!

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