Alton Jones Jr. A Legacy on the Lake

Alton Jones Jr {Center of Image} A Rising Star in Bass Fishing

Casting a Line on Inspiration: 6 Anglers Who Shaped Fishing

Hey there, fellow fishing enthusiasts! You know, spending time out on the water isn’t just about catching fish—it’s a lot like life. And who better to learn from than the pros? 

Let me share some wisdom inspired by Alton Jones Jr., the rising star in bass fishing.”

Patience Pays Off Picture yourself waiting for that elusive bass to bite. Well, life’s a bit like that too. 

Patience isn’t just a virtue; it’s a superpower. Whether we’re chasing dreams or casting lines, good things come to those who wait (and work hard!).

Adapt and Thrive: Switching up his lures when the fish aren’t cooperating. It’s a lesson for all of us. Life throws curveballs, right? 

Be ready to adjust your game plan when things change. That’s how you stay ahead.

Quality Gear Matters: Alton’s trusty rods and reels are like old friends. Think about it—whether it’s fishing gear or life choices, invest in quality tools. They’ll serve you well in the long run.

Learn from Every Cast: Each cast teaches you something. Maybe the fish didn’t bite, but you learned about the water, the wind, and your technique. Apply that mindset to life: every experience, good or bad, adds to your wisdom.

Celebrate Small Wins: Remember that little bass you caught? Celebrate it! Life is full of small victories—don’t overlook them. Whether it’s nailing a presentation or making someone smile, acknowledge those wins. They matter.

Share the Joy: Alton’s passion for fishing is contagious. So, share your passions too. Take a friend fishing, teach a kid to cast—they’ll remember those moments forever. It’s not just about catching fish; it’s about creating memories.


Alton Jones Jr.

Alton Jones Jr

Alton Jones Jr., affectionately known as “Junior” or “AJ,” hails from the fishing-rich state of Texas. 

His passion for angling runs deep, and he’s making waves in professional bass fishing circles. Let’s dive into his remarkable journey, career stats, favorite gear, and notable achievements.

Career Stats

Career Wins: Alton Jr. has clinched 3 major professional victories, showcasing his skill and consistency.

Top 10 Finishes: With an impressive tally of 15 top 10 finishes, he consistently performs at the highest level.

Top 20 Finishes: His adaptability extends to 23 top 20 finishes, proving his versatility across various fishing scenarios.

REDCREST Appearances: Alton Jr. has graced the prestigious REDCREST event 3 times, competing against the best in the business.

Total Winnings: His earnings stand at an impressive $1,117,703, a testament to his dedication and talent.


Alton Jones Jr. enjoys unwavering support from reputable sponsors who believe in his potential:

General Tire: Providing traction on and off the water.

Mystik Lubricants: Keeping his gear running smoothly.

Bass Forecast: Staying ahead of changing fishing conditions.

Phoenix Boats: His trusty vessel for chasing bass.

Kistler Rods: Precision tools for casting and hooksets.

A.R.E.: Protecting his truck bed during fishing expeditions.

RealTruck: Customizing his rig for comfort and functionality.

Garmin: Cutting-edge electronics for navigation and fish finding.

Geecrack: Innovative baits and tackle.

Fun Facts

When he’s not on the water, Alton Jr. enjoys duck hunting, snow skiing, and exploring new destinations.

His wife, Kelsey, shares his love for the outdoors.

Notable Achievements

Bass Pro Tour Win: In 2022, Alton Jr. secured his first Bass Pro Tour victory during Stage Two at Lake Fork. 

The icing on the cake? He competed against none other than his father, Alton Jones Sr., in the Championship Round.

Heavy Hitters 2022: Alton Jr. made headlines by landing the largest bass in both the Knockout and Championship Rounds, earning a hefty $165,000 in winnings.

Following in His Father’s Footsteps: In 2023, he joined his father as a Heavy Hitters Champion, cementing his status as a rising star in professional bass fishing.

Alton Jones Jr.’s journey is one of passion, persistence, and a love for the water. Keep an eye on this young angler—he’s destined for greatness!

So How Much is He Worth Today?

Alton Jones Jr., the rising star in bass fishing, has made quite a splash! While exact figures can vary, his net worth is estimated to be around $1.1 million. 

Keep in mind that this number reflects his tournament winnings, sponsorships, and other sources of income. But hey, it’s not just about the dollars—it’s about the thrill of the catch and the love for the water. 

Tight lines, my friend! 🎣💰

Some of Alton Jones Jr.’s favorite gear that he swears by when chasing those big fish. 

Let’s dive into what makes his tackle box special:


Berkley Squarebull Crankbaits

Berkley Squarebull Crankbaits

Berkley Squarebull Crankbaits

These are Alton’s go-to crankbaits for enticing bass. Whether it’s the 7.5, 3.5, or 5.5 version, they consistently produce results.

Geecrack Bellows Shad:

Geecrack Bellows Shad

Geecrack Bellows Shad

Alton discovered this soft-plastic creature bait, and it quickly became one of his favorites. The Bellows Shad by Geecrack is a secret weapon for enticing big bass.

Kistler Rods: 

Kistler Rods

Kistler Rods

Specifically, Alton relies on the Kistler Z-Bone and Helium 3 rods. 

These high-quality rods give him the sensitivity and power needed to feel every bite and handle those big fish.

Abu Garcia Revo SX Casting Reel:

Abu Garcia Revo SX Casting Reel

Abu Garcia Revo SX Casting Reel

With a 7.3:1 gear ratio, this reel provides the speed and smoothness Alton needs for precision casting and reeling in those lunkers.

Seaguar Fluorocarbon Line: 

Seaguar Fluorocarbon Line 

Alton trusts Seaguar SmackDown braided line as his main line and pairs it with a fluorocarbon leader. 

The right line can make all the difference in landing trophy bass.

YUM Bad Mamma or YUM Dinger: 

YUM Bad Mamma or YUM Dinger

YUM Bad Mamma or YUM Dinger

These soft plastics in green pumpkin or purple flake are Alton’s secret sauce. Rig them up, and you’re ready to entice even the wariest bass.

Remember, it’s not just about the gear—it’s about the angler’s skill, intuition, and passion. Alton Jones Jr. has honed his craft, and these favorites have helped him land some impressive catches!


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