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by Dalvin
youtube fishing videos great channels to watch

YouTube Fishing videos can save some stormy days when you can’t get out on the water. I remember the early days of Lake Fork Guy, Justin Ragley, and marveling at where it seemed YouTube would take him and it definitely has not let guys like him down. In 2021, there are still some rising creators making great content. Below we share some of our favorite YouTube fishermen and a great sample video from each.

Two stipulations:

First, they must have under 5,000 Subs. Second, they must create content the whole family can enjoy.

Here are our favorite channels and a little bit about what makes them stand out!

Your Next Cast – 4K Subs

You better head over and watch Titus quickly. He is going to be at 5K before you know it. Over the last few years, Titus has risen as a very knowledgeable fisherman who provides great thoughts while on the water. His authenticity comes through and it is always a good day to spend a little time in the boat with Titus.

His specialties include dock fishing, soft-plastics, and being a guy who always takes care of his viewers.

You can stay up to date on all the action by subscribing here.

Titus has some great father daughter content as well. His daughter is quite the angler!

RWA Fishing – over 900 subs

Just pure goodness. Russell at RWA is a guy who just loves to fish. Give him a few minutes after work and he will show you how to pull bass from the thickest vegetation. His laugh, his passion for the sport, and his kindness come through in every video.

If you want to go fishing with a good friend. Russell is your guy.

Subscribe here.

Bass and The Furious – 2.19K Subs

The title of the channel tells you a bit about the pursuit. Ty fishes from the bank, from the boat, and from the back of the boat in tournaments. He recently won the co-angler crown at a BFL and is in pursuit of more. If you want to see how to work, Ty is your guy. Watch some of his videos, order one of his shirts, then get off the couch and go catch some fish.

Ty wouldn’t have it any other way!

To follow Ty on all his journeys subscribe here.

You know the video of choice here is going to be some father son action. Whatever you are pursuing, nothing is as important as creating those memories for your kids.

Buck Tales Outdoors – 1.06K Subs

Don is an outdoor enthusiast. From hunting to hunting for sheds to pursuing the finny tribe Don shows you the outdoors from the perspective only he can share. He is kind, hard-working, honest, and genuine. His videos always take you to a simpler time and a friendlier place. Don also shares some great boat and kayak fishing videos. Lower your blood pressure a couple of notches and take a relaxing trip with an old friend.

You can subscribe to Buck Tales here.

In this sample video, Don is hammering the smallmouth and interacting with a good fishing buddy.

If you are looking for hype videos that would be another list but, if you enjoy the outdoors, catching fish, and good people. It would be tough to find better channels than these.

One Last Cast

On those days when you can’t get out on the water, YouTube fishing videos are a great way to expand your knowledge and connect with other fishermen. These channels will help you do just that.

Until next time, tight lines and fin times. If we don’t see you on the water, we hope to see you on YouTube searching for thePerfectCombo.

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