by Dalvin

All roads lead to ThePerfectCombo Fishing:

The first time I remember holding a rod and reel, my dad and I were fishing for catfish on my grand-dads spreader dam. We were catching what they called ‘polly-wogs’ when my pole hooked up to something big.  My dad reeled it in and it was an 8-pound channel cat.  My dad and I celebrating on that muddy bank, excited about the size of that catfish were thePerfectCombo Fishing.

Childhood and thePerfectCombo Fishing

In 1976, at 6 years old, I remember trout fishing surrounded by mountains in Colorado. That night at our campfire, I had my first experience eating the succulent orange meat of a brook trout.  I liked eating the fish almost as much as I love catching them. The sound of the woods, the popping of the fire, and the stories of the day with family all came together for thePerfectCombo fishing moment.

Teenage Years and Getting Hooked

My father died when I was 11. Two years later a family friend, Joe Andrews, took my family to Colorado. He took me out fishing in a boat the first time.  I was immediately addicted to the sound of the water on the boat and the gentle motion of the waves.  Joe taught me to tie a fishing-knot (the cinch knot I use to this day), he taught me how to fish a bobber where the snowmelt flowed into the lake, and how to set a hook.  Sitting in the boat with a man who cared enough to have the patience and the time for a rowdy, know-it-all, ADHD teen was thePerfectCombo Fishing.

Three years later, I was turning 16 and spent the first few days of August punching mats for Largemouth Bass on Toledo Bend Reservoir on the Texas/Louisiana Border with my uncles, Bruce and Wayne (I’m Batman!). I still remember watermelon-red 7” plastic worms disappearing below the hydrilla, feeling a tug, and that head shake I’ve come to love.

In spite of the fact that I didn’t land a single bass that weekend.  It was a blast! The most memorable moment was 4-6 pounder I got through the grass.  In only a few seconds, I got to see her wrap my line up around the motor and swim away.

I wanted to land one of those fish so bad and I left wanting more.  Fortunately, my uncle gave me an Abu Garcia bait cast reel, three prop-baits, and some water-melon red worms

Fishing Small Lakes & Creeks in west Texas

When I got my driver’s license back in my hometown of Abilene.  I began the full pursuit of fish in the area lakes of west Texas.

Tying on Joe Andrew’s knot, I waded out into a cove on Lake Fort Phantom with Uncle Bruce’s gear.  I managed to catch five, 2 to 3-pound bass on that prop bait. A 3-foot long-nose gar got my blood pumping.  It was the most exciting catch of the day when it fell for the topwater.  I was so hooked, the barb is still buried, and I love it!

The next spring the rains came and I took my ’62 Dodge Dart to the spillway at the lake. Wading out chest-deep, I cast out one of those Toledo Bend Watermelon-Red worms and hooked up to a fish.  Reaching to thumb it, I almost turned and ran to the shore. This fish had big eyes and big teeth.  I just knew there must have been some sort of radiation exposure in the lake.  Actually, it was an 18-inch walleye, it was part of a stocking program in west Texas lakes.

These trips started unlocking the multi-species passion as I began to look for the uniqueness in every catch.

Fin Fanatic | Outdoorsmen

With each trip, I became more of a fishing fanatic.  Since that time, I have pursued fish every chance I get.  In the beginning, it was with the thought of always catching a new world record bass.  Now, it’s about so much more.  Today, it’s about discovery, adventure, friendship, and family.

How can I get them to bite?  What species can I catch?  Are there ways to fish I haven’t tried?  Which presentation is right for this lake? When will nature deliver today’s beautiful moment? What is thePerfectCombo Fishing?

More importantly, these questions have a ‘we’ to them now.

ThePerfectCombo Fishing Today!

As much as I enjoyed fishing solo.  It was always better with a good fishing buddy. I have had some good ones over the last 40 years but I now have the best one yet in my son.

Now the questions are: How can I get him hooked on a big one?  What new species can he catch?  What surprise is the trip going to bring our way he can talk about for the rest of his life?

Mind you, I’m no less excited about catching the big one myself but, if you asked me who I would rather see catch a 10-pounder, hands down, the answer is my son.

It’s become my passion. For me, father and son fishing is thePerfectCombo.

This is our journey.

    • What we learn you learn.
    • Where we go you will be able to follow.
    • Theperfectcombos we discover of weather, season, technique, location, and tools, we will share with you.
    • Full transparency.
    • Nothing held back.
    • We share our successes, triumphs, fails, and falls (I do this a lot).

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