The MegaBass Magdraft is Amazing | Best Swimbait on the Market

by Dalvin
MegaBass MagDraft MB Gizzard

The MegaBass Magdraft Swimbait has gained great popularity recently. Known for its realistic appearance, superior design, and exceptional performance, the Magdraft has become a go-to choice for both seasoned anglers and beginners alike. In this blog post, we will explore the ins and outs of fishing the MegaBass Magdraft and unlock the secrets to increasing your chances of success on the water.

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1. Understanding the MegaBass Magdraft:

The Magdraft is a soft-bodied swimbait, designed to mimic the natural swimming action of baitfish. Its lifelike appearance and built-in features, like a hidden hook slot with a magnet and dorsal fin, make it incredible to fish and very attractive to predatory fish like largemouth bass.

2. The Right Gear for MegaBass Magdraft Fishing:

To fully capitalize on the Magdraft’s potential, it’s important to pair it with the right gear. I prefer a medium-heavy to heavy power rod, ideally around 7′ to 8′ in length. Combine it with a high-quality baitcasting reel, spooled with 15-20 lb fluorocarbon or braided line to ensure casting distance and control.

While these are optimal, I am a budget fisherman. I recently have been pairing the MagDraft with a 7 & 1/2 foot, heavy action rod I bought in 2003 and an Abu Garcia 1500 reel I have had since the mid-90s. The lower gear ratio of the old Abu Garcia at 5:1 has been perfect for drawing strikes with the swimbait and holds enough power to bring the bass up and out of the grass.

3. Choose the Right Size and Color:

The MegaBass Magdraft swimbait comes in various sizes and colors, each tailored to specific fishing scenarios. When choosing a size, the 6-inch works well in smaller bodies of water such as ponds and even creeks. In contrast, larger swimbait sizes, like the 8-inch, excel over and around grass and other structure in open water on larger lakes. They are also exceptional in late summer and into fall when bait fish have grown to maximum size.

As for color, I always try to ‘match the hatch’. This means determining what the predominant baitfish are in any given body of water. To illustrate, anywhere I see this sign:

Any ponds that stock Rainbow Trout hold largemouth that love to eat them! Choose your swimbait accordingly.

I will throw the MB Gizzard or Rainbow Trout MagDraft colors. Both swimbait patterns do a fantastic job of mimicking the rainbow trout that are being dumped by the truckload into these waters. Whether it’s lakes or ponds, even the smallest bass loves trying to swallow rainbow trout. I mean, who doesn’t love eating them?

In your body of water, you might match the hatch with brown trout or a specific type of shad. Up north a great option would be the perch color which closely resembles the yellow perch so common to those waters. If you don’t know, ask local anglers or look for the dominant color of swimbaits, crankbaits, or flukes in local fishing reports. Once you know, match the Magdraft and catch fish!

4. Retrieve Techniques:

The success of MegaBass Magdraft swimbait fishing often hinges on the angler’s retrieve techniques. The lure’s paddle tail generates a lifelike swimming action when reeled in slowly and steadily. However, varying your retrieve speed, adding occasional pauses, or even implementing a stop-and-go technique can trigger reactionary strikes from curious predators.

Two of my favorite techniques when fishing from the bank are:

First, the swift jerk and pause technique on outside weedlines. With this technique, I really fish with the rod. The reel takes up the slack between pops. When fish strike, the line jumps or goes slack. This is where a rod over 7 feet is important. Reel and pull back on the rod to ensure the hook penetrates the fish.

The second technique is a ton of fun! Retrieve the MagDraft just under the surface, still visible and almost like a wake bait. As the swimbait nears the weed line, kill it: stop retrieving it, and lower your rod tip. The strikes with this presentation can be heart-stopping as a white-bodied flash rises, inhales the bait, and swims back into the grass.

A word about hooksets: Using this technique, I have learned pausing, giving a two-second count, similar to fishing a topwater frog, results in more hook-ups.

5. Location and Seasonal Considerations:

Like any fishing adventure, understanding the fish’s behavior and location is essential. In warmer months, bass may be found in shallower waters, while they tend to move deeper during colder periods. Look for underwater structures, such as rock piles, submerged trees, and drop-offs, as these are prime hiding spots for predatory fish.

From spring to late fall, fishing the MagDraft in, over, and around grass is my new favorite way to catch bass.

6. Patience and Persistence:

Fishing with the MegaBass Magdraft requires patience and persistence. While it is an incredibly effective lure, it may take time to locate and entice the fish to strike. Don’t be discouraged by slow periods; keep experimenting with different presentations until you find what works best. The rewards can be huge and heart-pounding as I discovered on a recent summertime trip.

Casting to a transition between grass and rip-rap with the MagDraft MB Gizzard, I had one of those strikes you will remember the rest of your life. The moment the swimbait hit the water the bass came up and engulfed the MagDraft. I was reminded of a video where a humpback whale swallowed kayakers. This 5 pounder absolutely choked the MagDraft swimbait:

A largemouth bass takes the MagDraft Deep.

One Last Cast:

Fishing the MegaBass Magdraft can combine skill, knowledge, and intuition. However, it is also a lure that will prove effective as your first swimbait. With its lifelike appearance and versatile design, the Magdraft swimbait is a formidable weapon in any angler’s arsenal. By understanding the lure, using the right gear, and mastering various retrieval techniques; you can increase your chances of landing that trophy-sized bass. So, grab your Magdraft, head to the water, and embrace the thrill of fishing with this exceptional big fish swimbait.

Check out this video of my first times out with the MB Gizzard:

Until next time, tight lines and fin times! We hope to see you out there on the water pursuing thePerfectCombo and Fishing a MagDraft. We will always have one tied on.

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